Easy-to-Use Projectors


Plug & play

Do you remember the projectors taking time to warm up so it took a while until you could share your screen? Additionally after the presentation it took a while to cool down before you could turn it off? Today this is no longer the case. The new projectors are very user friendly so you just switch it on and within seconds you are displaying your content and when you turn it off it’s off. Immediately! The new generation of projectors is really easy to use and to connect. Depending on the model you choose you could connect wired or wireless to your devices you want to share your content from. They don’t need any setup, just plug and play. Most models offer a remote control or an App for your smartphone to control it.


All in one

Due to the use of new technologies and focusing on customer needs the modern projectors use LED as a light source which not only makes them smaller but also notably silent. LED is a more efficient light source where significantly less heat is generated during projection so there is no need for a strong and noisy fan to cool the projector. Projectors used to just project. That means you would need a notebook to be connected to it to send the content to the projector and if you wanted sound you would usually connect additional speakers. This is very inconvenient. Today projectors are all-in-one devices with integrated speakers, media player and internal memory. Which leaves you with one small and stylish device and everything you need is right inside.