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Why projector is better than tv ?


While both projectors and TVs have their advantages, projectors offer several unique benefits that make them a better choice for some people. Here are some reasons why a projector might be better than a TV:

  1. Large screen size: One of the most significant advantages of a projector over a TV is the ability to create a much larger screen size. With a projector, you can create an image that is 100 inches or larger, which is much larger than even the largest TVs on the market.

  2. More immersive experience: A large screen size can create a more immersive experience, especially for movies, sports, or gaming. A projector can make you feel like you're in the middle of the action.

  3. Portability: Projectors are typically much more portable than TVs. They are easy to move from room to room or take to a friend's house for a movie night.

  4. Better value: In general, projectors offer better value for your money than TVs. You can get a larger screen size for a lower price with a projector than you would with a TV.

  5. Adjustable screen size: With a projector, you can easily adjust the screen size to fit your room and your preferences. This means you can have a smaller screen for regular TV viewing or a larger screen for movie nights or sports events.

Ultimately, the choice between a projector and a TV comes down to personal preference and the specific needs but again, many years of tv can be boring, how about a real home cinema ?