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Amazing projector and amazingly short throw

This project is exactly what I was looking for, ultra short throw and super portable, perfect for traveling and showing posters and presentations at conferences. Company was very helpful and responsive, 10/10 would buy again!

Bought front TikTock

I like the small size and the easy usability of this projector, the remote controller do not need to point at the projector, can point at the projected wall. Small and compact.

Home Cinema Projector with High Brightness, Smart Feature & Awesome Speaker - BeamerX II 5Ghz HD1080P

I stay in Kolkata,India. How do I get the projector serviced incase there is a problem.

We have 12 months International Warranty. Feel free to contact us and we will assist.

Home Cinema Projector with Loud Speaker - BeamerX Nano Basic 480P
Santesh Arun
Not good for adult use

I should have saved that money

Your money is not wasted . At INNOVATIVE there is 10 days upgrade policy . Pop by our showroom and see which model you like and top up the difference for your dream cinema . Cheers!

Bright and worth it

Put this in my living room to link up with my Starhub TV devices. All work great with the duo sides HDMI cable coming along in the box, simply like a big tv.

Very good projector 👍🏼

Sawadee ka . I from Bangkok. Very bright and very good picture quality this projector . I recommend.

Fun Entertainment

Now I see my favorite BTS videos very clearly and large image! So much better than my 65 inch TV! I can bring anywhere 👍🏼

Full entertainment

Recommended by my brother-in-law. So meaningful to spend time with my kids during the weekend. Placed in a small space and shine it on our big wall.

No regret purchase

Awesome, it is such a great projector to own in terms of brightness and color, the packaging was neat and I set it up inside my son's bedroom and it supports HDMI output from Apple TV 4K box. 4K video on YouTube was nice. We enjoy it very much!

4K YouTube quality

Received it by next day, pretty fast, neat packaging and great service rendered by support team. The video performance very vivid, no lag at 60fps.

I like this projector a lot. I am able to run a powerpoint directly from a USB thumbdrive for my presentation.

Absolutely delighted with projector.
Easy set up
Picture is great
The built in speakers are fantastic but has added benefit of Bluetooth so no wires needed for external speakers.

An all round great projector. 4 corner keystone adjustment and place the projector where ever you want and still project. 1080p HD projection is great.

Finally I have a projector that has a decent image, a clear image with good quality images. The projector is light in weight and can easily fit in my suitcase. The sound coming from the projector sounds nice but I still use my Bluetooth speaker. The options on the menus are good, and allows you to change the size of your screen to what suits you, this is great.

I've tried several portable projectors and this is the only one I would recommend. Easy to use, well built, great image quality and bright. Connects easily and built in apps also useful. The 4 corner keystone also help a lot.

I bought and returned a bunch of cheap projectors online that promised high brightness and lots of lumens. those were all disappointing with all their lumens are overrated. Seriously those were all horrible. But the Aerglo Muzro which has a lower stated lumen rating is three times brighter, sharper, better made, more durable and more adjustable than any of the cheap knock offs. Seriously don't waste your time with the cheap LED projectors and just go with this. Its really good and can be used in a room that has some natural light.

More economical than a TV, more ecological than a TV, less cumbersome, good sound and access to content via wifi (good wifi)

Great speaker and easy to set up

I follow the instruction to set up - very easy.
The speaker unexpected high quality. I don't think an external speaker is required which is a bonus.
I am using a white color wall, the image is very sharp and clear

Soothing to the eye

With K6s I just highly appreciate that I can look at my excel spreadsheets clearly in huge projection size and not straining my eyes even I do my work for the whole day. Image is Very soothing to the eyes .

Superior Clarity!

My kids just can’t stop watching their favorite cartoon movies :)

Casting made easy

Ive been looking for a compact projector with built-in battery and I can use my iPhone to cast. K6s is the answer 👍🏼😃

Perfect for K dramas

Can’t help but share how I’m so hook with my K6s projector- my fav K dramas like come alive 🙌

On the go portable movie projector

K6s makes my habit of watching movies with friends enjoyable! It is light and compact, can easily put in my backpack. Easy to use also 👍🏼