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Our pocket projector stands out amongst other High Value Corporate Gifts 

It has long service life, ZERO maintenance, clean compact design, high quality gold/silver plated frame, easy to carry in your pocket, useful for viewing photos, movies and power point presentations. Your brand will always be carried around whether in office, on the move, at the cafe, at home or even at a soccer match with our little pocket projector.

Recommended Customization that will give consumers/business partners a brand recall:

1. Personalized your Company Logo imprint on top of the projector casing.

2. ***Your Company Logo flashes on the screen at first sight when projector is switched on.

How to start:

1. Send us an email to support@x-kimi.com with your contact number.

2. Your detailed requirement; if available.

What to expect:

1. Our executive will call you to make an appointment.

2. Have your Hi-Resolution Company logo and company authorization letter ready.

3. To justify the initial customization cost, a minimum order of 50 pieces is recommended.

4.  Production time of 20 to 30 working days after your approval of the product

Some tips below that we found from the web. If any one matches your needs, you can be sure we are here to help

In marketing, there is something known as a “drip campaign,” in which companies make sure they keep touching their customers via email or mail to nurture the relationship and encourage future business. Certain benefits come from this constant contact. The same principle holds true in corporate giving. Here are four, specific reasons you need to send gifts to your clients on a regular basis.

  1. Gifts Bridge Divides - Regardless of where you are geographically speaking, you can send gifts to clients that make them feel close even when you may be on separate continents. 

  2. Personalized Gifting Reinforces Your Brand - If you value your brand, show those who chose to do business with you that your brand stands for relationships, thoughtfulness, and going the extra mile. Many corporate gifting services allow for customizable branding, which means your business logo accompanies the warmth felt by the recipient.

  3. Staying in Touch Keeps the Relationship Open- Remember the drip campaign? When your gift arrives, it opens up the lines of contact. The client will most likely reply, providing you the opportunity to discuss ongoing business needs and solutions. Perhaps you sent your client a gift hamper on her birthday, but that hamper will likely sit on her desk for days, keeping you and your business in the front of her mind. 

  4. Gifting Sets You Apart From the Competition - Chances are, you aren’t the only business your client works with, but gifting may help you be their favourite. People do business with those they know and like. Sending a thoughtful gift is the perfect way to distinguish your business as a preferred partner. 


Giving corporate gifts is fun and a great way to show appreciation to your business partners!